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The Book

Mastering the Art of Strategically Possessing your Possession

This book is a strategic roadmap designed to help you discover your god given calling, purpose and vision. I emphasize the importance of starting your journey with the will of god and outline practical steps that are backed by biblical principles to take you from vision to manifestation.



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A knowledgeable, authentic and passionate speaker who and captivates the audience with exciting story telling.


Expert strategist, problem solver and policy writer on sustainable developmental issues in areas such as agriculture, climate change, gender and finance.

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Herbal Teas and T Shirts

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Customer reviews

Believe me, you really need this book! What I loved most about Mastering the Art … is that it is the direct opposite of that! It lays out a clear, direct and deliberate path that is further reinforced with biblical evidence interwoven in the text. The Christian church is a school for sinners who want salvation; it is not an exclusive club for saints. My priest said this to me many years ago and it has stayed with me since. Mastering the Art… embodies that philosophy and focusses on presenting you with the tools required, regardless of where you are in your relationship with God. There is no self-righteous finger pointing.